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You Betta Werk!

One of our three flagship projects is the MadWorkers initiative. Just as MadNarrative has fun names for members of its community (MadWriters, MadArtists and MadActors!), MadWorkers calls members of its staff network ‘Werkers’ after they have done our training.

Why ‘Werk?

  • From the quality source that is Urban Dictionary, ‘Werk’ means “a congratulatory exclamation of approval“.
  • Werk has been popularised by Rupaul Charles as a proclamation for the pursuit of fabulousness.
  • We all do some kind of work, but werkers do their work with a flair for diverse thinking and standing out from the crowd.
  • We werk but we have fun doing it if we can.

Financial Services: Our Initial Target

We have been focused mostly on large corporate banks and insurance companies. They need a bit of good press for some reason. We are happy to help out as long as they make real changes to their corporate culture and better support staff, customers and the wider Australian community.

Despite their bad wrap, they are the industry that quickly came on board with initiatives like Huffington’s Thrive movement, mindfulness at work, rewards for healthier customers and significant support for great mental health initiatives like SuperFriend.

Interested in being a Werker? Please contact us.

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